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Family Farm Fun

Heal With Horses is now hosting farm experiences weekly!

Farm Life Family Experience

$205 per Family of 5


A unique 1.5 hour farm experience for the entire family!

Come and meet the therapy animals of Heal With Horses Therapeutic Centre. Their unconditional love will touch your heart!

Snuggle our adorable Nigerian Dwarf Goats and their Kids! Interact with our bunnies! Play with our Mini Pigs and meet our Chickens!

Develop an up-close connection with our horses and of course our Mini Donkey Martin!

Finally take a guided stroll into our woods for a mindful forest cleanse!

Leave this experience feeling calm, cool, and connected to nature!

Kids Kids Playdates

$30 per Person - Maximum 8 per Session


Our playdates were created to provide a family-oriented activity that includes the littlest members.


You will have 1 hour to spend with our Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Goat Kids, Mini Pigs, Mini Piglets, and Chickens.


This is your time to play with, feed, and snuggle the herd.