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Prince Edward County

997 Danforth Rd, Hillier, On, K0K 2J0

Heal With Horses is a Registered Canadian Charity dedicated to providing horse & small animal-related activities and programs with the primary focus to promote good physical & mental health & wellness and enhance our guests' overall sense of well-being.

Over the past decade, we have created a safe, quiet, natural, rural setting for people of all ages and physical & mental capabilities to come to interact with our large herd of horses and variety of small animals including rabbits, cats, dogs, pigs, and goats. These interactions include riding, grooming, leading through obstacles, playing games, and walking through the fields & forest. This unique blend of specifically developed activities provide proven positive benefits in a person's overall physical and emotional well-being.

Heal With Horses is the only recreational facility of its kind in this region to have this exclusive blend of horse-related activities available to people of all ages and all physical fitness levels. Our facilities and programs are wheelchair accessible, we have specialty saddles for those who are physically disabled and that allow for 2 riders, and our staff are specially trained to work with those with special needs.

Meet the Team

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Suzanne Latchford-Kulker

Founder & Executive Director

For as long as I can remember I felt a deep connection to animals and nature. As I grew older, my love for them grew deeper. Finally, by the age of 35, I was able to have them right at home with me, after purchasing a country property with my husband Ron, while raising three children.


Heal With Horses birthed out of a desire to connect people with horses in a therapeutic nature, where the horse is revered and respected as a teacher. Through years of hard work and sheer determination, Heal With Horses has become what it is today.


We are now a registered Canadian Charity that not only utilizes horses to help people feel better, but small social animals as well! It's a "labour of love". So many people have been touched by the unconditional love of our animals!

Doreen Rafuse Westall

Development Director

For the past 10 years, Doreen has worked alongside of Suzanne and has been deeply involved with Heal With Horses Equine Therapeutic Centre. She owns a Paso Fino horse named Mateo who has taught her so much.


   With a great desire to delve deeper into the spirit of the horse's world, she trained to become a Co-Facilitator in FEEL-Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning. Doreen has lived in Prince Edward County for over 20 years with her partner Glenn and is blessed with a large circle of friends and family. Her 3 amazing children and 6 grandchildren have been supportive of her on her amazing life's journey.

Lisa Rashotte

Collaborative Specialist

Lisa is from Prince Edward County and has been an active community member serving people with intellectual disabilities for over 30 years.

Lisa started working at the age of 15 as a Park Leader for Picton Parks and Recreation. She then moved into Human Services working at Uplands Nursing Home and Prince Edward Heights where she found her calling to work with people who had developmental and physical needs.

Lisa graduated from Loyalist College in 1993 with honours in the Developmental Service Worker Program. In 1997, she joined the team at Community Living Prince Edward and worked with dedication until her recent retirement in April 2022.

Lisa’s passion to stay connected to the community through non- traditional supports lead her to HEAL With Horses (HWH).

Lisa continues to be a leader in Prince Edward County and is a go-to person with many connections. As ever, she goes above and beyond to make a difference keeping true to her motto, “If it does not work spin the wheel another way!”

Lisa believes in purposeful supports and finding ways to remove barriers, and pursues productive solutions to ensure all people feel welcomed and valued in the community.

Lisa will endeavour to support Suzanne Latchford, owner of Heal With Horses, and her team in growing the HWH Therapy Farm, and holding true to the mission of helping people in our community achieve a higher quality of life and enhanced well-being through animals and nature.

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